SNMP recording and browsing tool

I'd like to announce the release of a new network analysis tool,
the SNMP Vulture ( Vulture is a set of
utilities to collect and store SNMP data and browse it in an
interactive fashion (using any web browser). The result is a tool
that can give you a good grasp of what a large network is doing.

Here's a bit of the main man page:


       vulture - collect a round of snmp based on configuration

       vulture [-dhv]

       Vulture collects SNMP data and stores it in a hierarchy of
       log files. It determines what data to collect based on a
       configuration file that in turn relies on a series of SNMP
       template files to determine which objects need to be col-
       lected for each entry in the configuration file.

       When invoked, vulture will collect a single set of data
       and store it in the log files. This is not very useful,
       and vulture is almost never invoked this way. This is usu-
       ally only necessary while debugging changes to configura-
       tion or template files.

       Vulture collects its data in a two pass operation where it
       first sizes up the tables involved, and then requests
       entire tables of relevant information. This is an effi-
       cient process, since it knows which objects it needs out
       of given tables, based on the information in it's template

       All data that can be directly matched against the net-
       work.desc file are placed into the regular log files. Data
       for interfaces that are not listed in the network.desc
       file are placed in a parallel set of discard log files.
       These data are usually discarded much earlier than regular