SNMP probers

NMS's usually have IP ranges that "should" be set, If a network manager
knows ones network/s then one "should" restrict the discovery to one's
networks and sub-net's. ARP table, NIS and router discovery can also be
controlled. I must admit that when I recived my first NMS ( Spectrum )
I let it run wild! ... Not good.
It seems to me that the need for network managers is pushing companys
to hire green people, and we have growing pains that cascade problems
Then there are the "bad people" that are attempting to crack the "ice".

Knowing that there will allways be people who are motivated by "breaking down
walls" , we must find ways to minimize their actions.

How does one prevent the probes from chewing-up the router's CPU time?
- or - preventing the probes from getting that far?

Oh well ..... I love it! .. ACK!!