SNMP OID's for BGP monitoring

What OID's are people using to monitor/graph BGP stats on Cisco routers?


If you are running 12.0(26)S you can now graph the number
of routes you receive from a BGP peer.

  Here's the OID for those that have long-awaited such a


  Now why this is missing from their "newer" 12.2 and 12.3 software
is something that you will need to ask your cisco rep.

  - Jared

Cisco maintains a very useful SNMP OID search tool which you can access
through your favorite web browser. A search for "bgp" yields 135
results. Unfortunately . is *not* shown in
this tool! I wonder how up-to-date this tool typically is?

In any case, if that OID is not available on your IOS image, you have
the option of retrieving sufficient information from the cbgpRouteEntry
table at . to count the prefixes received
from each peer as well as the prefixes installed into the FIB for each
peer (cbgpRouteBest BOOL). This would obviously be a big CPU hit, but
there is a great deal of data available via SNMP.