SNMP Hub management tools

Since the System monitoring query had such good results, I am going to try a
variation. I am looking for SNMP management tools (windows or Unix) that can
use multiple MIBS for an environment with hubs from several different vendors.
The tools need not be GUI, and I am espically interested in 'free' tools. The
functionality I am looking for includes (but is not limitted to):

  gathering port / board pps and bps information
  port link status
  the ability to determine what port an IP addresses / MAC addreses is
    connected to
  enable / disable ports
  reset hub / hub management

Don't bother reporting on Openview and Optivity...I know about those :slight_smile:

Please send responses to me personally (with URLS or other appropriate
pointers) and I will digest / sumarize them and send them to the list.