Sneak Peek of NANOG 91 + MORE

Sneak Peek of NANOG 91
Coming to the NANOG 91 Stage in Kansas City

Full agenda will be available soon! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of NANOG 91’s programming.

  • DNS@IETF w/ David Lawrence
  • Architect and build IPv6 networks on AWS w/ Alexandra Huides
  • Set Your IX to Full Auto w/ Chris Grundemann
  • Security Track: RPKI ROV Adoption Update and Expiration Analysis w/ Doug Madory
  • Community Broadband Networks for Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities w/ Dr. Hosein Badran
  • A Simplified Data Center Network Protocol for Folded-Clos Topology w/ Nirmala Shenoy
  • ARIN Update w/ John Sweeting
  • Proposal For A Power Management Portal w/ Ronald Bonica
  • MORE!


Video of the Week
NANOG’s “Internet Innovators” — Series Ft. “Coffee Table” Conversations with Internet Pioneers

Why it’s worth your time: “Internet Innovators” is a NANOG-produced series that features “coffee table” interviews with the brightest and boldest tech pioneers of our time.

Producer Elizabeth Drolet discusses the Internet’s past, present, and future with the legendary innovators who made history. Featured interviews include Vint Cerf, Scott Bradner, Leonard Kleinrock, Steve Crocker, Radia Perlman, Nii Quaynor, + More.


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