Smurf blocks - amplifier list enhancement idea

Would it be possible to take the amplifier list and publish an abbreviated
version sorted by origin AS (will need a BGP lookup).

So you see entries like:

AS22222:, ....


That way anyone who cares about their network can look and see if their
AS or any they transit is in there. I can certainly recognize the former
and can remember many of the latter. I can't remember all my net blocks,
nor the names of my customers, nor indeed my customer's customers. If I
have smurf-reflector-nonresistant downstreams even by customer, I for one
would help put pressure on these guys to clear it up especially as otherwise
I'm going to get whinges about poor connectivity if they are on Karl's

The publicly available looking-glass code will get a Cisco to do a show ip b
from perl.

If this was to be done, how about including the actual amplifier addresses
used instead of just the network number. It would help to detect when the
problem has been fixed.