Smurf attack in progress - FIX YOUR RELAYS NOW

Hi folks,

Here are the networks that have ignored me so far. If you are a contact
for them, if you know the contact for them, peer with them, talk to them
on the golf course, whatever - get them out of bed, wake them up, and get
them to fix their routers *NOW*. If you are their uplink, block their
traffic or otherwise disconnect them until they fix their routers.


#0 - Probable Smurf attack detected from (1028 bytes)
Concentric Research Corp. (NETBLK-CONCENTRIC-BLK)
   10590 N. Tantau Ave.
   Cupertino, CA 95014
Concentric Networks.

Whups. That's a corporate block for desktops that will be going
away within the week as HQ moves to san jose. I'll bug the folks
responsible for it. :frowning:

My apologies for the trouble it may have caused!

Matt Petach