Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

Better yet, try to name 16 mail clients people _actually use_ which
DON'T, other than MUA-only programs like mailx and mutt with no SMTP
support at all. When I worked at a mediumish sized hosting company with
probably well over 100k mail users, I can't _ever_ recall hearing about
a complaint of a customer using a mail client that didn't support SMTP

Well, if someone knows a program for the Treo 6xx that does
SMTP-Auth w/APOP....I'm all ears... (& over SSL would be a big

It's no longer sufficient to look merely at *nix, Mac and oh yea,
M$ platforms when counting beans..

Let's see here... Google for "palm smtp auth"... first link... scroll down a bit...

Look at that, a PalmOS app that does exactly what you're looking for. Doesn't seem to have been too difficult to find.

Tim Wilde

Where are all these ISPs requiring SMTP AUTH. I don't see them, anywhere.

This same story was given about Pop-before-SMTP in 1997. Supposedly,
"everyone did it", but only a few small companies actually did it.


Depends on your idea of small, I saw over 100k-250k user dial-isps
using systems such as this. not sure if that qualifies.

  it's all about the perspective that people have, we all have
varying scopes, some smaller than others.