--- Shane Ronan wrote:
On that same note, can someone point me in the direction of an SMS
gateway service? I would like to be able to send SMS messages from my
monitoring systems, but I am unsure about how to go about it.
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There are several ways to do this:

- Open source software like Gammu ( can send SMS messages through a USB or RS232 attached mobile phone or cellular modem.

- We've had good luck with the MultiTech MultiModem GPRS, model MTCBA-G-U-F2 (USB) and Multitech GPRS MTCBA-G-F4 and Wavecomm RS-232 GSM (RS-232) modems.

- Many monitoring/management packages have built-in or add-on SMS sending utilities.

- You may not want to rely on the cellular carrier's e-mail-to-SMS gateway, either because of connectivity problems or the cell carrier's delay/reliability problems.

- There's also a kludge that's good for a "disaster notification" that simply rings a phone when something really bad happens. :slight_smile: Basically, the system uses its numeric pager/TAP software to dial through an analog modem and a POTS line and ring your phone/cell. The CallerID tells you who's calling, even there's no message. There's a KB article at the InterMapper site describing this is at...

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