slightly OT : versign complaint department

hi all,

an update to my post (i know, bad form). a friend or two has informed me
of a few errors. i think, in general, most people don't understand the
relationship between the "registry" and the different "registrars."

i've asked this person if a FAQ is possible.

here is the update:

i've been trying to add a pgp key to the verisign/netsol database for
the past two weeks. i've sent four messages, opened three web help
requests, and spent three hours on the phone with their helpdesk. they
know less than their customers about their own procedures and web
documentation for adding keys for PGP guardian auth.

i discovered the whole problem is with the verisign _registrar_ and not
the _registry_ (i originally thought the registry owned the database of
host and contact records and the pgp keyserver).

the _registry_ does own the "canonical" host database, but the only way to
make changes is through your _registar_. the _registrar_ is responsible
for authenticating end users before updating the _registry_ database.

after multiple e-mail support questions, 4 key ADD messages and 4 hours of
phone calls, i never got another response from the verisign _registrar_.

i finally tried adding a PGP key again and it worked. i guess i woke up
the mice on the treadmills in the computers at the verisign _registrar_.

i guess the only thing i can do is move my one remaining domain record
away from the veri$ign _registrar_. of course, they won't refund the
unused portion of my $35 even though their customer service is absolutely
horrific (so much for a SLA).

i recommend that everybody move their money away from the verisign
_registrar_ and use any other one - i don't even care which one. :slight_smile:

- brett