SkyTel 2Way pagers DOWN all US

This is totally one for CIWARS and RISKS to go nuts on.

Paging service nationally going nuts? Doctors, emegency things, on-call
techs, all out of range because one satellite was taken out?

Al Reuben wrote:

All Sprint pagers, as well as Pagenet is down also; due to a Satelite
goign AWOL.

They are repositioning another.

I wonder how they page their on-call techs when the paging systems themselves
go out. :slight_smile:

My inference of the architecture is that the local switch feeds
corporate HQ, which sifts the nationwide pages, then forwards the
traffic via the bird _directly to the towers_. That's the only reason
I can see why the transmitters would go silent from a satellite outage.

If you know for certain either way, email me privately, won't you?
I'll summarize, but I don't think the intricate details belong here..

-- jra