SkyTel 2Way pagers DOWN all US

> >other .5% problem), I told her if I was ever kidnapped to call Skytel as
> >they had to be able to track where I was. The woman on the phone "would
> >neither confirm nor deny" that possibility. She referenced a privacy
> >issue and didn't want to say more.
> Interesting. Of course, we know from the OJ saga that Cellphones can be
> located well enough to find a moving vehicle...
> --Dean

Pagemart service is STILL down as of this time (5-20-98 8:30 AM CDT); I am
getting neither my normal "news and weather" broadcasts or directed pages.

  Still no SkyTel. Areas where they use land based communication to
the towers are fine, but the areas where they use the "Sky" part are still
down of course. I asked a Ham Radio friend of mine to look into it, and he'll
be posting on his web site whatever he learns: