SIP Carrier Consolidation

Anyone here that have gone through the process of SIP trunking consolidation care to comment offline on

Whom do you utilize?
What has been your experience operationally?
What was your experience during transition/implementation?

Thank you ahead of time.

"SIP trunking consolidation" is buzzword heavy and context-light.

What problem are you trying to solve and at what scale? Do you have a
requirement to have the provider be a traditional TDM-based
organization or is an aggregator sufficient? How price-sensitive are

At fairly small scale (10 DIDs including some 877 numbers, feeding to
Asterisk) I've had fine luck with

But your requirements may vary...


Elijah Savage <> writes:

Thank you for the reply.

Yes an aggregator, large deployment.

Initially this is discovery, though price is always important it is most about understanding operations and implementation at this point.

I have to respond with the sentiments of Robert: "large" is a very relative term. Also, are we talking about origination or termination here? How many minutes a day of each? What's your ACD? What are your top destinations? If it's bursty like a call center how many concurrent calls?

You can't get any real answers without providing relevant information.

Thanks to all who responded off list even to those that are intrested in the opportunity, I do appreciate it.