Single-port Network "KVM"

Here's one example; cheapest I've seen:

There are others. This one appears to be web/java based rather than VNC,
though that probably isn't a killer for most people.

I thought I'd seen a little dongle-y model; I'll look around a bit more.

-- jra

Didn't read far enough; Jussi Peltola posted this downthread:

That's the item I wanted, and it's only $200. And Lantronix' support
department is arguably the best hardware vendor support organization I
have *ever* worked with.

-- jra


only $199. Disclaimer: I'm only a satisfied customer. The SpiderDuo
seems to be more or less the same thing as the supermicro IPMI cards,
and works well, even though it has the typical hack-ish embedded linux
appliance feel to it (i.e. I'd not dare to connect it to the internet at

The reverse telnet serial does seem to work without mucking the data,
which I find very important. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if you
can send a BREAK. I'll need to check the next time I'm using it.

A past thread also mentioned OpenGear:

I'd been eying this one, but the $199 Lantronix seems like a price point
too good to pass up.


Spider kvms come well recommended and it's what I see being used around
the datacenter often.
Prefer them vs. the bulkier ones I've used in the past.

web/java is supported, as is VNC -- the latter of which makes them very

Not exactly what was asked originally but consider using Dell
PowerEdge servers with Enterprise iDRAC component. You get nice IP-KVM
+ power switch. This adds around $300 to the overall server price.
BTW, looks like this iDRAC is implemented on the base of Avocent gear
which is one of the best in IP-KVMs.
I'm completely satisfied using iDRACs in a number of servers.

Just my $0.05.

Dmitry Cherkasov