Simple Peering Agreement

Does anyone have a simple (1-2 page) peering agreement in plain English they
would care to share offlist?


are you any good in Maths?

maybe a PhD will find a point in using this part of their self-development

how far can you go and what is your position in the world?

I guess linking countries is easy if you are offer the position but you can't move from there can you? so the revenue in peering agreements not free peering but private peering is maybe what they look fw to achieve.

i guess a new model might be under research as this one is an old IPv4 one and IPv6 peering agreements are in production ......maybe with internet 2 too.......


Also: s/doc/PDF/g

If you're good in maths, you'll realize that the simple peering agreement is the one that covers 99.5% of interconnections, and is well enough understood that it need not be committed to paper. :slight_smile:


I need paperwork to justify several things the bean counters want to see
on paper. It's hard to present why you need 5 additional 10Gig ports when
you have nothing on paper of why those ports are being used.


If you can't already enumerate the use of those 5 ports, a piece of paper isn't
going to help fix the real problem.