After many on and off list responses my signature stays....For anyone who believes that professing my faith is self-serving..then i agree. If you want to know why ask me off list. Let's focus on the task at hand and not make such a fuss over a sig. Ironically my impetus comes from an off list response and i quote,"

As an avid athiest

and his sig has been in place for over 4 years..and is much larger than mine....(around 20+ lines)
My sig is now 4 lines.

William Warren

Maybe a better plan is to refer something positive to "God" or the
"Grand architect of the universe" or something which doesn't necessarily
offend non christians.

Then again, the athiests could make the case that references to any god
are offensive but then again, the athiests are all wet (tm):).

<sorry couldn't resist>


It's not just the total number of lines. It's also about the number of characters on each line -- .sigs should generally be wrapped at 72-75 characters, just like e-mail messages.

i'm certainly glad the moderator of the list is watching to make sure
people don't drone on endlessly about such non-operational issues such as

the length of one's signature and/or expressing one's religious
beliefs must have some obscure operational context.

fully expecting to have posting privileges revoked for another 6 months.

Hmmm, do pgp sig's count and aren't they longer?

I still like the idea that using longer sigs will use up extra unused

Anyone have a network to run?