Sign onto EFF's comment to the FCC on their net neutrality proposal

Dear colleagues,

As many of you know, the FCC is currently engaging in the process of
repealing its network neutrality rules and eliminating its Title II
authority over broadband providers.

I'm writing you today to ask you to sign on to a letter that EFF has
prepared for filing, which explains several key engineering concepts
that are vital to understanding how the Internet actually operates given
that the FCC's own findings misinterpret how the Internet works.

The letter stays away from legal arguments, and instead focuses on
technical statements on the design and operation of the Internet. It is
meant to establish a factual record for the FCC about the Internet and
it is necessary because its initial findings in its Notice of Proposed
<> are
just wrong. For one, the FCC thinks that broadband Internet providers
are the ones providing end users with the services of the entire
Internet, from search engines to online newspapers to language
translation tools.

/*If you're willing to sign on and help, please email (off-list) by Friday, July 14 */and I will
be happy to share a copy of the letter for you to review before you
agree to sign on.

The more signatures we can get, the more likely the FCC is to take
notice as well as the courts should they move forward. All it takes is
an email. Please help us make sure the FCC gets the facts from an
engineer's standpoint.

Thank you for your support,

Erica Portnoy
Staff Technologist
Electronic Frontier Foundation