*sigh* NT/netbios over IP over frame

email me your questions. I've done this many times before.


---Raymond Wong wrote:

I swore I'd never do anything like this, but I've been tasked with
establishing NT network connectivity between 2 private networks
over frame relay. I got a pair of 2501s running 11.3, and I've got IP
routing right (all the sparcs are happy). I've got NT/etc machines,


with NetBIOS bound over the TCP stack. None of the PC people knows
IP well enough to say what they need. Does anyone who has done this
care to provide any hints? a URL to a faq would be fine, though a


seemed to turn up lots of assumptions that wins is required, which
sounds odd to me.

I've enabled IP forward udp, and tried setting ip helper to the


address on the other side... should this work? am I missing an


reason it won't, or better, an obvious way to make it work? I'm not


to go around and change 400 PCs for this, so a router config would