Shutdown of lists on May 30th at 12:01 AM

* As to the author of the DNS, Paul often takes critical positions but I'm
not aware of his taking a specific stance against the IAHC plan.

Perhaps you havn't looked, or asked. I asked him about it. There
are things he likes and dislikes about both plans.

Plus, he was quoted in Web Week in an interview where he said, more
or less the same thing.

which is enough to render it useless.

How easily you ignore the many and diverse signatories.

The only parties that accepted the initial reccommendation without
reservation were British Telcom and the country of China.

Stunning examples of social responsability, both.

There are just too many people I know and respect (none of whom
are players in this game, or who you could classify as "pirates"
yo ho ho) that have been around the net a long time and have
contibuted to it in no small way that think the plan you've put
forth is just plain evil.

Can we get past the petty politics and try to develop a best compromise

You seem to forget that that is exactly what the IAHC was. After 2
years of failed effort, IANA asked the IAHC to formulate a compromise plan.
We did. It is now being implemented.

Yeah, and I planted a mango tree in the backyard. All it has to do now is

The word around Washington is IAHC is in trouble.