Shutdown of lists on May 30th at 12:01 AM

Nick Hilliard writes:

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> solution? Nobody has one yet, and 4 or 5 islands of DNS-dom is insane.

Totally insane. In fact, technically preposterous, which is what Paul
Vixie, Dave Crocker and a large number of other people have been
valiantly trying to explain for a very long period of time. Forgive me
for being facetious, but are their arguments finally getting through to

Also, now that you've admitted this insanity, can you please explain why
you are expending extraordinary amounts of energy defending it?

[BTW, I see we now have another "island of DNS-dom", now that our good
friend Karl has thrown away the Old, Bad eDNS (the Baaaaad eDNS) and
reconstituted a shining, new eDNS: the New, Good and Right eDNS who
undoubtedly offer a fair deal to all. As long as KD is in the driver's
seat, of course.]

You've forgotten the uDNS, the AlterNIC, and all the rest of the
bestiary of creatures from the medieval Book of Hours.

Bodes really well for the stability of all those systems, right?

Speaking personally and not in any official capacity

And uDNS is(!) the continuation of eDNS, as Karl resigned and removed
his name from the charter...

Take care,
Ron Kimball for the uDNS council

No its not.

uDNS does not embody nor support the eDNS charter. It therefore is an
entirely different animal, albiet composed of people who (some would argue)
never did uphold the document they signed anyway.

We are eDNS minus those who resigned (only you, so far?). We are
discussing whether we want to continue evolving the charter and
establishing written operational policies, or to break with the whole
thing and start from a different premise. As you are shutting down the
eDNS discussion lists tonight, we have established replacements (Folks,
email me for details). We are also in the process of replacing those
other resources that you are leaving with...

Take care,
Ron Kimball for the uDNS council

This is simply not true. You have posted a set of operational rules,
currently under discussion, which bear as much resemblance to the charter as
a Dog does to a Cat (they're both animals, but that's about it).

Further, see my announcement posted just now. The *ENTIRE* set of root
servers which made eDNS possible has resigned and will be forming a new
coalition at 12:01 AM tomorrow.

As such I'd say that the charter is dead and gone, as the people who had to
be there to implement it no longer are.