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Some folks from Japan once suggested that Japan have
their own Root Name Server Confederation.

No, they have a root nameserver.

I know this will be a surprise and a disappointment to you, but there
is, has been, and will be exactly one (1) set of root nameservers. As
demonstrated by the disintigration of the "eDNS" silliness, your
fantasy of "root nameserver confederations" is a pointless excersize
in grandstanding and delusion and inherently far too fragile to base
any sort of real production service on.

I guess I shouldn't be suprised that you don't have enough personal
integrity to apologize to all the newbies you have conned or blustered
into pointing their name servers at the eDNS roots. However, as you
have demonstrated you have no personal integrity or honesty, please
continue to spin the collapse of the eDNS as somehow (perhaps in
another galaxy) being constructive to your "root nameserver
confederations" -- it's more amusing than Karl's and Eugene's little

If I recall, you once said that the Asia/Pacific
region would likely result in each country wanting their
own confederation.

No Jimmy, I never said that as you well know. My, you are a
transparent liar, aren't you?