Ship seized for cutting Sri Lanka's internet link

Sri Lanka's high court has ordered the seizure of an Indian cargo vessel
which allegedly cut a submarine cable connecting the island's
telecommunications subscribers with the rest of the world.

The court ordered that the vessel, State of Nagaland, be held at the
Colombo port where it berthed on Sunday after accidentally severing the
cable known as the SEA-ME-WE-III with its anchor.

*only* internet connection?

if yes, here we see once again the "benefits" of having a monopoly in the
telecom industry. and a bad one it seems... even if the incumbent is the
only way out of the island, it would seem wise (not cost-driven) to have a
second cable at least connecting the island to the world... :wink:

And make sure the two landing stations are on opposite sides of the island.

But even then you can't win - I seem to recall that Sri Lanka has a small
problem with rebels - who could conceivably end up controlling one of
the stations.....