SFP Programmers

Where are you guys picking up your SFP programmers?

Also, is there a listing anywhere of the vendor codes needed?

FlexOptics are good.


Lumaoptics.com in Northern California has them too.

I've received several onlist and offlist replies, but the companies referenced only have the SFPs themselves on their web sites, not the programmers. I'm looking for programmers so in a multi-vendor environment I can stock one kind of SFP (well, SFP+) and change them as required.


we use stuff from https://www.flexoptix.net/en/

The programmer they/we use is the "flexbox".


^ they are great, I have 2 different programmers of theirs, remember
you need to buy their optics though. My understanding is their webapp
sends LUA to the programmer which gets executed locally.

Here are some other devices I've bought to experiment with:


Not tried this one: http://optics-home.com/pro_details.asp?id=105

Or make your own with an old TwinGig and RaspberryPi -

Its just I2C after all...