SFP+ ER and ZR

Hi Guys,

I thought ER and ZR SFP+ optics were not available (yet) due to power
and cooling "challenges".

However on this site: http://www.excelight.com/products/datalink/sfpplus.asp
They offer both ER and ZR SFP+ optics.

Has anyone used or tested with these? If so with which equipment?
Or have you found other vendors of these optics?

Thanks in advance,


Last time I checked there was an ER SFP+ optic in acceptance testing at
one major network vendor. That was about a year ago so it would not
surprise me if there was one available. The problem was heat
dissipation in the small form factor. The optic module gets hot and
doesn't live long.


They aren't (yet), these are vaporware. Many amnufacturers are close to
having reliable 40km optics, and several are making 20km+ overpowered
LRs, but ZR and DWDM are still a ways out. There are also some CWDM
units in the works, but because SFP+ doesn't support onboard EDC you
are limited by dispersion to 10km in the traditional 8ch 1470-1610nm
CWDM space over SMF28.