set community no-export

IAGnet has a number of connections to the major backbones: Sprint, UUNET,
MCI, ANS, etc. Many of our transit connections including those to Sprint
and UUNET are configured for a sort of "peer" policy. We have found that a
combination of as-path prepending (I can hear the groans now), static
configuration, and communities it is possible to have traffic from a
certain backbone (multi & single homed customers or just single homed
customers) return on the appropriate connection. Of course no routing
policy is prefect but I think we are fairly close. If anyone is interested
in our technical specifics as opposed to the administrative possibility as
it relates to UUNET's & Sprint's announcement, feel free to drop us a email
off the list. We are always happy to exchange ideas.

I would like to know the classification of a backbone network? Or how
does the Internet community classify networks? Is it by some sort of
transit or access establishment with major providers or what? Is
identifing the _major_ backbones related to the _major_ transit carriers?

A more extensive list, as Ryan begins to propose below, would be helpful,
if there is a list.

Regards - Kendall