September COOK Report focus on net governance & IANA authority issues

Hot Diggety! Jim Fleming was rumored to have said...

Please, Jim... you've already CC'ed the appropriate lists...
edns and com-priv.

Not to be an ass... but there is *no* need to drag^H^H^H^Hinclude
NANOG on this. Any follow-ups to this... please send to me privately,
so not to pollute the list any further.

I think that we (NANOG folks) by now know where to go if we want to
read on about DNS politics/issues/whatnot.

Jim... Jim... before you post to the NANOG list, just take a
brief pop quiz... "Is it involving *operational* issues or technical
issues worthy of North American network operators' immediate attention?"
If not, NANOG probably isn't the best place to discuss something.

Apologies to the list for the non-operational post. Posted here as well to
head off the off-topic responses, if possible. Back to lurk mode for me...

Anybody want to get that moderated NANOG list going? I volunteer to help...

-Dan Foster