Sep 29 outage report withdrawn by Qwest

You may remember a major fiber cut in Ohio on September 29 which
affected several providers (Abovenet, GTE, QWEST, and MFS) when
four OC-192 circuits were cut.,4153,2345933,00.html

At the time of the initial incident Qwest filed an outage report
with the FCC. They have since withdrawn it because it did not
meet the FCC's definition of a reportable outage.

I don't mean to pick on Qwest, since as far as I can tell they were
the only one of the affected providers who filed even an initial
report. But the definition of a major outage is really goofy, which
if viewed as traditional voice lines would be over 500,000 channels,
isn't considered an event worthy of reporting or including in the

Speaking of interesting Qwest incidents, I read in a local indie paper
today that the DNR fined Qwest something like $115k for damage to
wildlife and flora while it layed fiber between Green Bay, WI, and
someplace in Canada, and between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.
Interesting incidents if you're into buying politically correct

Apparently thier contractors tore up a number of stream beds and whatnot
during thier trenching and made no efforts to repair them. Not very

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