Senator Hollings is at it again

I swear, stuff like this makes me wish that it was legal to shoot politicians:


No need. Just dig up the right scandal, and they shoot themselves.


Hollings is full of it. It's just more pandering to the Hollywood Left.
Such a bill will never (should never) pass Constitutional muster. It is
certainly the job of the government to prosecute flagrant violations of
copyright laws but it is not the job of the government (federal state or
local) to PREVENT copyright laws from being broken.

Let's say that the law is passed; what's next? Will it be mandated that all
printed material contain some sort of watermark that can be detected by
copiers, fax machines and scanners, which verify the copyright holders legal
right to copy such material? Oh, maybe cameras will be required to know
whether they are taking pictures of copyrighted material and must redact
those copyrighted parts out of the photograph or video.

I've got a much better idea, maybe we should all be forced to wear goggles
that scan whatever we're looking at and if we view copyrighted material, it
deducts a royalty directly from our checking account or credit card.

Maybe Senator Hollings is on the right track, after all, the most important
issue of our day is the poor starving entertainment executives who can't put
caviar.... err.... bread on their tables to feed their dinner party
guests.... oops...I mean families.