Semi OT: Co-Location in Virginia/DC/Maryland

Hoping some of you can send me suggestions on Datacenter/CoLo
facilities in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area that can support

20 Racks

Multiple providers capable of a minimum of DS3 level service (OC3s
available from multiple providers preferred)

Stable/Secure/Sane to use facility

Usable site supplied UPS, or support for customer provided Symmetra or

24/7 access

Any info or leads would be great, I am not familiar with the
facilities situation on the East Coast.


Multiple providers pretty much means a carrier neutral colo. In the DC
area, your big 3 are:

Switch and Data

For price, quality, and if your goal is primarily to purchase transit, I
would recommend Equinix, located in Ashburn VA.

That said, this isn't the appropriate list for that kind of question.
ISP-Bandwidth or ISP-Colo might be more appropriate.