semi-IPV6 question (pls dont flame me for asking)

I put the subject that way, otherwise I think people would ignore this completely.
I actually want to know, after all the years of pain from J.F. and everything,

I really believe IPv8 is workable, if it was open and done right and not handled by a spastic mental patient (notice I didn’t mention any names specifically).

I have “higher-ups” who read about Ipv8 and demanded we implement it, thus the previous questions about finding you know who.

After reading myself though, it seems very intuitive, it can tunnel and interface with ipv4 a lot easier than ipv6 can, its practically native, you can connect gateways, and such,

and somewhere I read Lucent was actually selling IPv8 router gateways, but I haven’t been able to find anything further, and now Lucent is gone, so that makes it kinda difficult.

From a real technical standpoint, looking only at the mertis of the basic model, does anything think the ipv8 concept really viable, or are people just “happy” with the idea that ipv6 is “enough” “forever”?

I mean, aside from the odd posting saying “coulda had a v8” - the joke is getting rather old, the addressing size capability of ipv8 and so forth, are rather appealing in some ways.

For example, we have need of creating a simulated network environment of over 320 trillion nodes (don’t ask), but working this out on ipv6 seems exceedingly difficult, where ipv8 has built-in concept of “clusters”/“galaxies” and easy ipv4 interface.

Personally I think it would be easier to modify existing routers/etc to handle Ipv8 than the more complex incompatibility with ipv6.

or have i got this all wrong?

I have "higher-ups" who read about Ipv8 and demanded we implement it

Did you make sure to have them read the RFC?

  RFC 1621 - Pip Near-term Architecture

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