seeking pointers on the topic of 'name server registration'

I posted this request in another forum, but didn't get as much info as I'd

To reprise in _this_ forum:

I apologize for the noise; I hope this is an appropriate forum.

I've been hosting DNS for years for several domains. Recently, I
have had to rename/renumber my primary servers, and need to update
various registrars of these changes.

Most registrars seem fine with me just supplying the names of the
new nameservers; they chase the A records, and generate the glue
records, and off I go.

One of these registrars (NetSol) introduces a topic I've never been
aware of before, this concept of 'name server registration'.

Web searching shows me several hits along the lines of 'how to
register namesevers with registrar X', but I can't find a treatment

- Is this anything more than generating glue records?

- Why is this explicit step neccessary for some registrars, but not

I'd appreciate any advice...

Netsol has required this since I registered, in 1994.

I never could figure out what they were on about, and it caused me quite
a bit of hassle at various points, but they did require it. Of course, if
all of your new nameservers are *inside* your new domain, then you *have* to
supply them both a name and an IP for them to get the glue right, AFAIK.

But then, my name isn't Albitz, *or* Liu. :slight_smile:

-- jra

Well... the way you register nameservers is called "Host Registration".
A registered host is a nameserver, and the result is the creation of
glue for the hostname.

If you want NS1.EXAMPLE.COM to be a nameserver for and; first of all,
the "host registration" / "make this hostname a nameserver" operation
is to be done through the
registrar that EXAMPLE.COM is registered with ( Not the registrar
of any other domain you want to host such as

Without a host registration, there is no 'A' glue record in the
TLD zone for the DNS server's hostname,
so it can't really be a proper nameserver -- at least not for the
domain it lives under.

Last I checked, registrars won't allow an unregistered host to be
listed a nameserver for other domains either.

Once you've registered a host such as NS1.EXAMPLE.COM and have the A
record in your
zone; you should be able to list that as the nameserver for any
domain, with any registrar,
without any further or repeat registrations of that host.

If you have an ancient NSOL domain registration and need to update the
IP address in a host registration,
the important thing is initially to keep the existing server in full
operation, update the NS
and A records of the nameservers, and esp. the one referred by the SOA.

I'm not sure if NetSol will still query your zone and eventually
update their data; at one time, if you had sufficient patience,
that could happen.

Most likely you will need to either login to their website and find
the appropriate
section where DNS server IP addresses can be changed (which if I recall,
will require quite a bit of patience, to figure out where just the
right option is hidden
in small print/de-emphasized somewhere obscure on the page).

Or call NetSol support and tell them you need the details of your host
registrations fixed, if that's the case.