Seeking FIOS tech support with two (or more) brain cells

Hi folks,

Does anyone know any kind of super-secret back door number for Verizon
FIOS tech support for people-with-a-clue? I can hear the drool
hitting the keyboard on the other end of the line and the confusion in
the voice of the support rep when I try to get help with turning up a
"business" (ha!) FIOS circuit with five static addresses on it.
Things have sure gone downhill since they decided that a MOCA handoff
was a good idea; I turned one of these up for another friend a year
ago and it was 100% plug and chug...

Before you flame me, yes, I tried the database on to
see if I could pull something off via that route, but no joy.


A big thank-you to everyone who replied, called, sent kind words and
shared frustration. Clearly I'm not alone here (even had frustration
shared by people who actually work in a different business unit of
Verizon), and it would be nice if the folks at VZ would take some
steps to fix these apparently-endemic problems but so far no joy.
Eventually I got called back by someone who, after listening to what I
want to do, said "I know... we can turn off the MOCA and turn on the
Ethernet right on your ONT, bypassing the firewall completely. Would
that accomplish what you want to do?"

I said yes, and we're now sailing happily along. No word yet on
whether this burns our ability to get FIOS TV or not.

Also, sadly, no way to repeat it other than the old "escalate,
escalate, escalate" dance. I'm still not clear on how this was
supposed to be a "business" service if you weren't intended to hang
your own CPE on it.