Seeking abuse contact for


Attempting to locate someone in authority for

Was referred to, but
mail to that address bounces after rattling around
inside Exchange for a bit.

Mail to also bounces, with a different message.

Was referred to abuse@alliant by voice message at
1-506-694-6270 .

Was referred there by person working for Bell.CA at
+1-613-781-9095, where i got to where i whois'd
the ip originally.

Anyone have actual working abuse contact for
this IP, is welcome to email me off list.


Try (note the one L). (BCE) is a majority owner in Aliant which is an amalgamation of the various old provincial incumbent telcos and they are just finishing up a nasty protracted strike as well.


Dear Nanog Readers,

I want to thank everyone that corrected my typo mistake, the domain for email
was correct locally, then I did not cut/paste it into the nanog mail, resulting
in a typo which many were quick to spot. Thanks for the attention to detail!

Was also thanks to the list able to find an email with a person at the other end
of, and will work with them on the original issue.

Thanks again,

Dave D