Security Contact from

Please contact me off-list.

It was pointed out to me that '' is not an organization, but rather a container. Clarification - I'm looking for a security contact from

Nathan Eisenberg

I wanted to follow up and thank the list for their assistance in getting a contact with Browards' IT management team. There were several people who helped me find the right email address to notify.

Side note: I received a number of cynical emails opining on the globally sloppy nature of school district IT departments, and suggesting that I not even bother to tell them about a security issue. I'd like to provide this case as evidence to the contrary. Once I'd sent an email to the right place, the call came within 30 minutes. The person I spoke with was grateful (as any of us would be) for the notification, and seemed intent on addressing the issue.

So, just a data point! :slight_smile: Back to our operational (repeat) discussion on the security characteristics of NAT, and how many angels can dance on a pinhead.

Nathan Eisenberg