second v6 multihoming paper

the money quote:

"The lack of a standardised solution to multihoming remains a large issue frustrating wider-scale deployment of IPv6, as many large sites rely on multihoming for connection reliability and optimality. The proposed multihoming solutions presented in this paper can be broadly grouped into two categories: those that support connection survivability, and those that do not. Those that do, however, are invariably more complex, and require significant protocol changes, thus breaking the "simplicity" aim as given in RFC3582 [23]. Therefore, it can be said that no proposed solution yet meets these goals. Having said that, it is difficult to see how such a solution, that is both simple and comprehensive, can be built, working in the new environment that is IPv6. After at least five years of proposals, nothing that solves all goals has yet been suggested."

Some of you may already know Alan Ford as a v6ops co-author:

and he also worked on the re-numbering presentation at the paris IETF

- lel