First my apologies to those who like me are on both com-priv and nanog.
I'll edit out the individuals involved so that they'll only get one
copy. I'm working at home on a MUA, (why not, everyone else has done
one;), and I'll have to remember to add in a feature like that in
a good usenet reader that will only present an article to me once
even when coming from different sources. Hm...that way I'd only
personally notice a spam on on of the mailing lists I'm on:) I
suppose a message digest of the body of the article would suffice,
if the digest is the same, then the article's the same. It won't
catch everything, but it will be better than now. PGP signed
articles will be a breeze to catch.


There's a danger here that what was a comparatively productive
discussion will falter now since no one wants to seem like they
are in the same boat as Sean Doran and his parliamentary procedure
bandwagon. (Boy is that weird mixed metaphors or what? <grin> :wink:
Let's just ignore the silliness and go on with our discussion.