Seattle NANOG 88 things to see


We're a couple weeks out from NANOG 88 so I thought I'd repost a list
of things I think folks with computer and engineering backgrounds
might enjoy doing up here in Seattle.

1. The Connections Museum is a must-see for telecom enthusiasts (which
I assume you are since you're attending a NANOG meeting). Six
different phone switches (some electromechanical) and a boatload of
other telecom stuff taking up a floor and a half of a "central office"
building. In good working order. You can see and, to some extent,

Beware: It's only open on Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm, so if you want
to check it out, you'll have to come in early for it.

2. The monorail ( is a well
maintained German-engineered 1960s vision of the future. Departs from
Westlake Center about 3 blocks from the hotel. Runs to the Space
Needle and MoPop (the Museum of Popular Culture) which are also worth
seeing. Both the monorail and space needle were built for the 1962
World's Fair. Buy tickets for the Space Needle the day before. Sunset
is particularly nice.

3. Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Museum and power plant

Beware that Snoqualmie Falls is a half hour or so outside of the city.

4. Northwest Railway Museum (also near Snoqualmie Falls)

5. Museum of Flight (this is Boeing's home town, so it's a high
quality aircraft museum)

6. Pike Place Market, about 10 blocks from the hotel, is a Seattle icon.

7. Mt. Rainer, if you want to check it out, is a full-day trip: 2.5
hours to get there, 2.5 hours to get back plus the time you spend in
park. They finally cleared the snow from the roads last weekend so
it's open but it's too far to catch it in an afternoon. Decent odds of
getting a shirtsleeves on the snow pack picture like this one:

If you've been to Rainier before, Diablo Lake, Cascades National Park
and Washington Pass in the opposite direction are also beautiful.

Some things to know about Seattle:

* Summer weather is good weather in Seattle. Expect sunshine, mild to
warm temperatures in the day, crisp in the morning. Light if any rain.
5 am sunrise, 9 pm sunset.

* Downtown Seattle parking spaces are super-tight. If
you rent a car, get a small one.

* Seattle is -very- dog friendly. You'll encounter our generally
well-behaved canine companions on the street, in stores and possibly
even in the hotel and event venues. Pack your allergy medication if
you need it.

Bill Herrin

A more eccentric attraction:
The Fremont Neighborhood Troll under the North end of the Aurora Bridge:
Tourist trapish:

Pioneer Square:

I'm also willing to try and fit in a few real CO tours around the event if people are so inclined. We operate the ILEC territory to both the north and east of the venue and it is somewhat unique as it is former GTE territory and not bell system.

I also recommend the telecom museum.