searching for BGP table donors

Greetings all,

The fuss over shim6, routing table size, and long-prefix PI space has intrigued me. I've started analyzing some [simulated] FIBs and believe I may have found something interesting. In the name of statistical sampling, I'd like to analyze some other [simulated] FIBs from different BGP views.

Would anyone be interested in donating "show ip bgp" output? I assume most people are familiar with script(1), but will mention it here, in passing, "just in case". Compressed via bzip2 or rzip strongly preferred; there's a reason I'm not keen to try this on public route servers. :wink:

Email is fine for up to a few megabytes. If anyone feels like sending output from so many routers that even a compressed tarball exceeds that, ping me to set up an FTP drop.

Network topology and size matter not. "The more the merrier" when it comes to data analysis. :slight_smile:


Current year and last year, prior back to 1997 by request:

RIPE data, though it's in MRT format, rather than sho ip bgp format:


You (or anyone else) are welcome to pick up the bgp view from here at

It's updated every 6 hours.


We have a lot of data, collected from various points
  around the planet. Check out
  You might also check out the RIPE RIS (


Acutally, that's only a part of the routeviews data. See for a more complete