Searchable archives of the list?

This seems an absurd question but … “where are the searchable archives of this list?” I have found an innumerable set of archives and copies of archives broken into months, but I cannot find a way to search the content of the list archive (short of downloading the archives and grepping from there).

Is there a searchable archive someplace maintained by nanog? And if so… how about updating the nanog web pages about this list with a pointer?

And finally, the question I was searching to avoid asking on the list: does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with leasing out unused IPv4 space through ipway?



The easiest way to search the archives is the use our discourse archive of the mailing list at You will need to create a free account at to log in to the Community site. Please note that the mailing list mirror is read-only, but it’s easily searchable and has a great user interface.

Edward McNair
NANOG Executive Director

Why wouldn’t one use the link that’s provided in the message?

List-Archive: <>

That link is in every NANOG/mailing list message, FYI.

Once upon a time, Josh Luthman <> said:

Why wouldn't one use the link that's provided in the message?

The request is right there in the Subject... "Searchable". Traditional
pipermail archives have no search function, and being subdivided into
months makes manual searching tedious to impractical.


geolocation site:





You can also search the Mailing List from our Community Discourse Forum: