Search Engine Accountability (was RE: Reality Check)

Perhaps the search engine manages the key.
Perhaps the search engine charges to be listed.
Perhaps you can choose not be on that search engine.
Perhaps the users like to use that search engine because you
  can find something pertinent on it to your keywords.
Perhaps I am on crack.
Perhaps I don't want to share my crack.
Perhaps I just wanted to know if anyone else ever fondled this
  particular idea fondly.
Perhaps I thought this was a forum for fondling ideas fondly.
Perhaps a few people have gotten a little too uptight fondle
  ideas fondly or otherwise.


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:: > Search Engine requires a key certificate style license
:: embeded in
:: > the html or website (whether it's internet centralized or
:: just for the
:: And the key came from *where*? And this would be different from the
:: current hassles of getting a PKI certificate *how*?
:: > search engine). A "rating" and "type" is associated with
:: the license for
:: > the type of site it is. As the search engine crawls the
:: site, if the
:: > license is gone... it doesn't get listed. If the type and
:: rating doesn't
:: Woo woo.. So I have to fork over $$$ to a company to publish
:: stuff on the
:: web? Or is this license "for free" - in which case it's
:: probably worth
:: what you paid for it?
:: > match the information associated with the license data...
:: it doesn't get
:: OK.. A .JPG of a man and a giraffe would probably be
:: acceptable for all
:: ratings. A .JPG of a man and a giraffe having sex would
:: probably NOT be
:: acceptable. How did you tell the difference?
:: > listed. If the license certificate doesn't match the
:: IP(s) associated with
:: > the certificate... it doesn't get listed. Has anybody
:: tried something like
:: Great. I relocate my server to a new co-lo and I drop off
:: the search engines
:: unless I fork out new money for a new license. And if you
:: don't think this
:: won't happen, I'll point you at all the companies that we
:: currently license
:: software from who are *always* ready at the drop of a hat to
:: ship us a new
:: license for a machine "because the CPU planar died and was
:: replaced so the
:: hostid is now different". Yeah. We *never* have a problem
:: getting new
:: licenses. :wink:
:: > this before?
:: Umm.. there's PICS and other web rating systems already extant.
:: They've worked wonders, haven't they?
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