SD-WAN Solutions

Has anyone worked with Nuage from around here? Additionally, is anyone familiar with what RFC Alcatel/Nokia is implementing for the VXLAN part of the solution? It looks a bit non-standard but I can't find any clear documentation regarding this anywhere


Thanks everyone for replying!

As for why I'm asking, working today together with a $customer in order to figure out integration with other VXLAN environments, and extending the control plane past just the nuage solution. There's plenty of customers that use either basic VXLAN (think Cisco N9k with barebone VXLAN EVPN, not ACI), Juniper Contrail and others. The "rumors" that I heard regarding the nuage solution is that so far, Nokia/Alcatel hasn't implemented the RFC for EVPN to the letter and that there there's quite a bit of custom stuff in there (from sym/asym routing methods) to signaling and all.

My question boils down to when/how will nuage implement interoperability with other vendors at VXLAN level? In the SP market we've had it for years where you can have MPLS on a variety of boxes and the network wouldn't suffer from this. It seems with VXLAN it's less cooperative (and I understand there's more to it now than just the protocol and it's more a fabric approach)

Also, can you maybe tell me/us more about these extensions?


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