Screwed Again: House Rejects Net Neutrality

Sorry to interrupt the ever-so-interesting discussions on the
list, but this is actually important.

Sorry for the editorial comment -- now for the facts.

Declan McCullagh, via C|Net News:


The U.S. House of Representatives definitively rejected the concept of Net neutrality on Thursday, dealing a bitter blow to Internet companies like, eBay and Google that had engaged in a last-minute lobbying campaign to support it.

By a 152-269 vote that fell largely along party lines, the House Republican leadership mustered enough votes to reject a Democrat-backed amendment that would have enshrined stiff Net neutrality regulations into federal law and prevented broadband providers from treating some Internet sites differently from others.

Of the 421 House members who participated in the vote that took place around 6:30 p.m. PT, the vast majority of Net neutrality supporters were Democrats. Republicans represented most of the opposition.

The vote on the amendment came after nearly a full day of debate on the topic, which prominent Democrats predicted would come to represent a turning point in the history of the Internet.


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The current bill is mostly about Cable TV licensing, with some other
stuff like VOIP 9-1-1 thrown in, and doesn't change the rules for the

  House Votes to Ease Cable TV Licensing for Phone Companies

  By Arshad Mohammed
  Washington Post Staff Writer
  Friday, June 9, 2006; Page D02

  The House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill making it easier
  for phone companies to offer video programming, bringing consumers a
  step closer to having more choices for their cable TV service.


In any case, for those who remember ABC Saturday morning Schoolhouse
Rock, there are a few more steps involving the Senate, Conference
committees and the President before a bill becomes law. Expect the
lobbying to continue on all sides through the current election season.
Whatever you think the country's laws should be, you still have time to
make your views known to your representative.