ScopServ questions

Hi all,

This isn't a NANOG problem, but I'm out of my league on this and am wondering if anyone can contact me off-list or point me in a direction if they can help me resolve an expensive exploit against a branch office asterisk box.



If you're looking to hire someone to fix your asterisk install, your
best bet would be the Asterisk User or Asterisk Business list.

If this is an 0-day type scenario, you'd probably want to reach out to
Digium directly.

Can you expand a bit more on the details?


What is the pros and cons using Ethernet CFM&LMI or EBGP between PE-CE for link protection on ethernet based circuits. Currently, we are using EBGP when metro ethernet customers who want a backup link. But we are thinking about using CFM/E-LMI for fault management as CPE'es are more expensive and reaction time depends on the BGP timers. With CFM/LMI it'is much more better but this time it results in another control plane protocol in the network. What are the current applications in your network?


Well CFM and Ethernet LMI is great help in L2VPN services to pin point the failed portion of the L2 circuit.
For L3VPN services I rather relay on BFD over PE-CE link and BGP PIC Edge in the backbone to achieve fast convergence.