Schneier: ISPs should bear security burden

Finally -- an analogy I can relate to. :wink:

As an aside, perhaps if we worked on making the Internet
"safer", as opposed to strictly "safe", we might make some
progress. You know -- baby steps.

And Big Pond is my hero. :slight_smile:,2000061791,39188135,00.htm

- ferg

And Big Pond is my hero. :slight_smile:,2000061791,39188135,00.htm

I'm not sure I'd break my arm trying to pat them on the back yet. They have a ways to go in SMTP filtering their users so that when they are infected with trojans, they aren't abused to send spam out. From the above article, they are only disconnecting those users now because BigPond is feeling some pain on their own infrastructure. Our numbers of rejects from their users are consistently 3-4 hundred per day.