SBL99576 SR04

BL99576 SR04
SBL100272 SR02

IDEAR4BUSINESS (trademark fraud replicas spammers)
Trademark fraud replicas & knock-offs advertised in spam. (was SBL99180,
also SBL99576)

- trademarks are not valid in china
- chinese law applies to the customer's services
- no evidence of fraud
- no evidence of spamming (also, judistiction thingy).

"Partners of "AS34109/AS51787 (CB3ROB)"

- not a partner, a downstream transit customer, that just so happens to be
on AS34109 for now as they lack their own (for now :wink:

- the /23 seems to overlap with the /24... there may be 2 reasons for this

   1: the customer seems to have added 2 /24 "delegations' on his -PI-
   space in the RIPE database, which, isn't supposed to be possible with PI space
   anyway, nontheless, that happened :wink:

   2: they are indeed announced as 2 seperate /24's most of the time
   (incoming ddos attack "migitation")

-IF- spamming -really- would be going on, from these ranges or to these
ranges, you are ofcourse free to list those, and only those: IDEAR4BUSINESS Media Entertainment Guide Media Entertainment Guide Media Entertainment Guide
and whatever is behind AS56512 (no idea, several prefixes on several

these are the only listings for which spamhaus seems to have -any- reason
whatsoever, despite that for these listings as well, all the evidence is
lacking and there are merely a few unbased claims and some whois outputs
to "support" them. (and usually they even got the whois/prefix lenght
wrong, or added it to the wrong company's "case"... :wink:

All of the above listings are ISPs themselves, and usually don't have
anything to do with the hosted content.

as for the AS56512 thingy, no idea what your problem is with them, its not
like we can make it up from your listings besides you calling everyone
'spammers' and 'frauders' and replica rolex sellers or partners thereof
(including us!), none of which is supplied with any evidence, police
reports, or court convictions.

Now, its really quite easy, we WILL NOT DISCONNECT any customers just
because spamhaus tries to blackmail us into doing so by adding:

SBL105802 (PCCF, a company in which the cyberbunker-group holds the majority of shares)
SBL105804 (PCCF, a company in which the cyberbunker-group holds the majority of shares)
SBL105803 ZYZTM research #10 B.V. (part of the cyberbunker-group)

These ranges are used solely for research and development of new internet
protocols. (including one to replace that dusty old spam-infested smtp
crap of yours :wink:

SBL99505 (entire PA space of ours)
SBL105813 (?)
SBL105806 (?)

No idea why you'd list the entire PA space while all customers are clearly
marked in whois, it's PA space, you're SUPPOSED to delegate it to
different customers, after which, its up to the customers.

well, except for that you clearly are trying to blackmail us into
disconnecting customers without getting a court order or even providing
evidence of any of your claims.

if blacklisting won't work if you do it for the actual prefix that's
"causing" it (according to your claims) it also won't work for larger
prefixes or completely non-related prefixes, therefore, thats nothing more
or less than just blackmail, and very childish.

let's just say that port 25/tcp traffic is mainly incoming... :wink:
except for the occasional invoice going out...

spamhaus is ofcourse absolutely free to list spammers, spamhaus is not
free to "make things up" and blackmail carriers and calling third parties
'criminals' and what not.

as a european provider, we have no liability whatsoever for what customers
do or do not do, all or most of our customers are ISPs themselves, go bug
them... if they don't do what you want, they probably have their reasons
for it (really i don't see why we even reply to third parties like
spamhaus either :wink:

wherever the customers have their office, there probably are courts,
should you think the customer is breaking the law, feel free to have some
attorneys or the cops do something about it, but the moment you start to
claim things without any evidence, spamhaus is clearly in the wrong.

any carriers/peers that could potentially drop prefixes due to spamhaus
listings are well advised to review their terms and conditions and
contracts as i'm quite sure it doesn't mention "spamhaus listing" in
there as a "reason" to filter prefixes anywhere... therefore, if
you're a paid transit, and receive prefixes, you're gonna have to
relay them, with or without spamhaus listings. spamhaus is no authority
whatsoever, and clearly, for very valid reasons.

i'm not "for spamming" but frankly, i no longer give a shit about that
rusty old protocol without a friends list, as far as i'm concerned, it's
dead and replaced by skype ages ago.

we expect this matter to be resolved.

until that time, we advise everyone not to resolve spamhaus'es
blocklists, as clearly, 99% of it, is just there to attempt to blackmail.

Yes, but if said customer is advertising the product to US residents (or
anyplace else that recognizes the trademark), the trademark issue (and other
applicable US/whatever import laws) *does* become important.

I'll let other fight about the rest of the content of the note.

about the best reason i can think of for listing this block until the heat death of the universe.


> as a european provider, we have no liability whatsoever for what customers
> do or do not do

about the best reason i can think of for listing this block until the heat
death of the universe.

I thought it was very kind of him to supply the address ranges which
need blocking.

He also shouldnt worry about RBLs since everyone will have hardcoded his address ranges into their routers and access lists.