SBL soon only from

If you currently use the SBL by querying the master zone then you can ignore this message.

If you are using the SBL via 3rd party composite DNSBLs and not directly from, then please read this as the following change affects your DNSBL setup.

For a long time the SBL has been available either directly from Spamhaus (as or via 3rd party composite zones such as (as and which import SBL data from Spamhaus. This distribution is now changing. In order to better manage SBL logistics, DNSBL zone and query traffic, from Monday 11 August 2003 the SBL should only be available from

The fact the SBL was available from multiple DNSBLs was causing some confusion, plus other small factors (such as the different zones having different build times - which for example meant that we'd tell someone an IP had been removed, but they'd contact us a few hours later to say it was still blocked), plus the likely emergence of further composite lists which may add confusion, meant that it was time to make a change now rather than in a year or two.

So, if you are not using but would like to continue using the SBL, please add to your mail server's DNSBL list.