Satellite IP

From: "Valdis Kletnieks" <>

> Why the hostility, Valdis?

As I said several times - it's not hard to be 98% or 99% sure you can make
all your commitments. However, since predicting the future is an inexact
it's really hard to provide a *100% guarantee* that you'll have enough
contended capacity to make all the performance targets even if every
single occasional customer shows up at once. As Jay pointed out in his
follow-up note, his backup strategy is "scramble around and hope another
provider can
come through in time", which is OK if you *know* that's your strategy
and are OK on it. However, blindly going along with "my usual provider
guaranteed 100% availability" is a bad idea.

I don't think Kelly is on his first rodeo, and I know I'm not.

"scramble around" is a bit pejorative as descriptions for my booking
strategy go, but everyone has a cranky day every so often, not least me.


And note that I *also* pointed out that carrier statmuxing on the
transport is a valid strategy for capacity elasticity, in that particular

Remember, we're coming out of a solar minimum. :wink:

Are we in fact coming out of it yet? I heard it was getting deeper,
and that we were looking at a Dalton, if not another Maunder.

-- jra

Hmm.. guess Sunspots 1112 and 1123 were a false alarm? :slight_smile:

I'll have to find the paper I read yesterday that said we should expect to
wait a long time before we see sunspot counts back where they should be.
... Try this: