satellite connections


Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> I'm not sure how many TCP/IP stacks still set those bits; it may be
> necessary to have a router manipulate the bits after examining the port
> numbers of a connection.

Looks like a good place to use access lists that choose packets based on
tcp, udp, and port number. If I could get a 45 Mbps circuit over high-latency
geosatellite, one-way, I could use it for http and "push" traffic.
The requests, outbound stuff, and interactive traffic would fit into a T1
under the ocean.

  if you're interested in that, cisco's new CoS stuff uses precedence
(extended access lists, mac address, ports numbers) to do just such a
thing. it would be most useful if isp's could have concensus on the
precedence "classes" to work across the multiprovider internet (may
not be practical though).