Satellite channels to England, France and Canada

Hi Everebody,
Lines: 33

Our organization is busy in the field of telecommunication. Our
company name is "JSC INFOCOM". We are sertifyed as major operator of
Data Transfer Networks in Armenia and licensed with exclusive rights in
any kind of data transfer on territory of Armenia by Ministry of
Communication of Republic of Armenia. Now we have two 64Kbps rate
satellite channels to NewYork and Tyson, based on X.25 protocols,
IP and X.25 network infrastructure on territory of Armenia, and
several SLIP channels to Internet encapsulated over X.25 network.
But the speed of this channels are limited by our SLIP provider's
X.25 network speed. So, now we are interested to have direct links
with IP providers. We are ready to request additional satellite channels.
Our Ministry of Communication is ready to let give us 64Kbps rate channels
to England, France and Canada. If there is an organization in this countries,
who can provide us in connection with Internet, we shall be ready to
collaborate with them.

I shall be very glad, to have any information that can help
me to fix this problem.

Thank You in Advance,
Best Regards,
Emin Gabrielian.

voice: +7 (88539) 06842
fax: +7 (88539) 06852
fax/voice: +7 (8852) 528856
            +7 (8852) 151926