SAS Drive Enclosure

I am looking for information about SAS drive enclosures, is there a list like NANOG that covers that area of IT?

I am specifically looking for an enclosure that can handle 12 or more drives, I am looking to create a clustered file system between multiple servers and would like to avoid a drive enclosure that only works with a very small number of approved drives. I am looking to support traditional HDDs as well as SSDs.

Graham Johnston
Network Planner
Westman Communications Group
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There were discussions at some point about setting up a storage-centric
list via SNIA or something else fairly 'neutral'. Never really
materialized, however.

Lists like lopsa-tech and the LISA/USENIX SAGE list are general enough
you might get some good responses.

WRT your question, we've had good luck with the Dell MD1200 line of


What are you thinking for connectivity, Ethernet, FiberChannel, Infiniband ... Building *Storage Nodes* or in need of just drive connectivity?

I am primarily wanting something that will act like a DELL MD1200, SAS connected to a server, then run a clustered filesystem on the server(s) which will serve up NFS or iSCSI to client devices.

Graham Johnston
Network Planner
Westman Communications Group
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MD1200 is a great bet then.

Other options -- SuperMicro has lots: